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Grassy Spur Olives

Our Grove


Grassy Spur is the local name of the area in Stony Creek South Gippsland where we have established an olive grove in the hilly dairy country overlooking the Stony Creek Racecourse. While the view is magnificent, the downside is that the grove is subjected to strong winds.

The Grassy Spur Olive Grove was planted initially in Easter 2005 with about 800 trees. Further plantings occurred over the following years and it is now over 1,500 trees.

All olives are processed onsite within hours of picking.  This contributes to our consistent high quality EVOO that has been been recognised as gold quality nationally and internationally in the New York Olive Oil Competition

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We have four separate groves containing the following:

Grove 1 - Picual, Picholine and Barnea (Planted 2005)

Grove 2 - Picual, Coratina, Frantoio and Barnea (Planted 2005)

Grove 3 - Picual, Kalamata, Barnea, Leccino, Frantoio, Arbequina and Pendalino (Planted 2007)

Grove 4 - Picual, Coratina and Barnea (Planted 2012)

We have 100 Oak inoculated truffle trees as a separate grove.

Picual is used as the main pollinator across all of the groves. We have also introduced beehives into the grove to enhance pollination which until now has been reliant on wind. We have planted clover in the rows which the bees love and the clover thrives with the attention of the bees.

Single EVOO variety focus:

We harvest, process and bottle by variety so that the characteristics of an EVOO are available each year.  Many chefs prefer predictable flavours in their food preparation. Our main varieties are:

  • Picual
  • Frantoio
  • Coratina
  • Picholine

We use the following varieties in our blended and infused olive oil:

  • Leccino
  • Pendolino
  • Barnea


Each grove has different conditions that influences the characteristics of the variety.


A Spanish variety used as the main pollinator in the grove. This is a consistent heavy cropping tree that has a dense upright foliage. It will generally cope well with water but is prone to Peacock Spot if the soil becomes waterlogged for too long. This is our premier olive oil that has consistent characteristics that we like. This oil we keep as a separate variety. This is a consistent award winning EVOO which was awarded Gold Medals in  Los Angeles International EVOO Competition, the New York International EVOO Competition and the Australian International Olive Competition.


Our Tuscan variety. Very healthy and vigorous - requires regular pruning. A characteristic of this variety is that can take a number of seasons to crop, but when it does it is very reliable and resistant to disease. Produces a very distinctive oil that is sought after. We prefer to keep this oil separate from any blending and bottle separately.

Best use: Drizzled over a salad will bring out the characteristic mild lingering pungency.


Coratina olive trees originate from Puglia, Italy. The oil has a strong peppery flavor from its high polyphenol levels. We find that Coratina olive trees grow faster and more erect than others, with grey green leaves. Compatible olive tree pollinators include Picual, Frantoio and Leccino. The Coratina extra-virgin olive oil is characterised by the fruity notes of green olives, followed by sensations of freshly-cut grass and bitter almonds. This is a consistent heavy cropping tree that has a dense upright foliage that needs constant pruning. This oil we keep as a separate variety. This is a consistent award winning EVOO. 


The Picholine is a French cultivar of olives. It is the most widely available cultivar in France. Though originally from Gard in southern France, it is today grown all over the world. The Picholine is best known as a cocktail olive, though it is also used to make olive oil  It is the most common variety of olive used for oil from Morocco. The taste of the oil is fruity with a hint of bitterness. The tree is of medium size, and assumes a low, spread-out form when carrying fruit.  


A Tuscan variety which is a very vigorous and healthy tree that likes the soil and the cool conditions of the South Gippsland area. At this stage we use this in our blend. As the trees mature we may keep this as separate variety


Another Tuscan variety that is also used as a pollinator. Has a tendency for droopy branches, small olives and a thin canopy. This is part of our Grassy Spur blend.


An Israeli variety derived from the Kalamata family. Has a tendency for strong vertical growth and needs regular pruning to keep it under control.

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Our Olive Oil

Our high quality Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich, spicy and full of flavour and is carefully produced from olives grown at our Grassy Spur olive grove.

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Our Grove

Established in 2005, our family run grove is situated in the green rolling hills of South Gipsland in Victoria, known for its clean air and excellent rainfall.

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Our Grove Honey

Our very special untreated and unblended honey is produced by the bees on the Grassy Spur Olive grove and is manually extracted and bottled at the grove.

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Our Awards

Our Olive Oil is a multi-award winning oil with the Australian Olive Association.

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